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About Jodhpur Tour Packages

Jodhpur is a popular tourist destination with many beautiful palaces, forts, and temples as well as a rugged and scenic desert landscape. Book my Rajasthan Tour boasts a rich cultural heritage and is a thriving industry in its own right. Our tour operators and travel websites offer a wide range of Jodhpur tour packages. The packages have several highlights, including some special attractions.

Most Popular Jodhpur Tour Packages

Book my Rajasthan tour Package is one of the exciting Jodhpur tour packages that are available. Jodhpur packages are specially designed to meet the budget as well as other individual requirements of all types of tourists.

We Will Give You All in Jodhpur

With the exclusive 'book my Rajasthan tour package' giving you a taste of Rajasthan, the exclusive Jodhpur packages are a better option if you want to get acquainted with the city. Jodhpur is not only famous for its monuments and forts but is also a true shopper's delight when it comes to handicrafts. Jodhpur is famous for its handicrafts and furniture products, which are also widely exported. We provide you with a facility to book the trip from any corner and explore Jodhpur and its culture and heritage.

Best Selling Jodhpur Holiday Packages

Package Duration Price View
Rajasthan Journey 11 D / 10 N Request VIEW
Royalty in Rajasthan 7 D / 6 N Request VIEW
Desert of Rajasthan 6 D / 5 N Request VIEW
Rajasthan Triangle 7 D / 6 N Request VIEW
Jodhpur Jaisalmer Tour 4 D / 3 N Request VIEW
Package Duration Price View
Padharo Rajasthan 10 D / 9 N Request VIEW
3 Jewals of Rajasthan 6 D / 5 N Request VIEW
Jaipur with Jodhpur Tour 5 D / 4 N Request VIEW
Lake City with Desert 6 D / 5 N Request VIEW

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Jodhpur Holiday Packages FAQ

Yes, Jodhpur is a safe city when you visit with your family or group. You won't face any trouble as Book my Rajasthan tour provides you a vehicle at the doorstep of your bus station, airport, and hotels.

The most services provided by Book my Rajasthan tour are:

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Guide service
  • Daily food service

To explore the beautiful places in Jodhpur, you should plan a Jodhpur Tour Package for a minimum of 2 days and a maximum according to your plans.

The best time to visit Jodhpur is from October to March. Being an inland city and an abandoned site, it is generally hot and humid throughout the year. During the day it can be unbearably hot, at night it is pleasantly cool. From October to March, the weather cools down relatively due to monsoon rains, making it easy for tourists to explore the city.

Yes, you can enjoy Paragliding with 360-degree views of Jodhpur near Chopasni. The best thing is that here you can try flyboy or motorized paragliding by booking the Jodhpur tour packages.

We provide the best tour packages based on our clients' demands and budgets.

Some of the major places to visit included in our packages are Umaid Bhawan Palace, Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada, Mahamandir, Clock Tower, Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park, Mandore Gardens, and Balsamand Lake and Garden.

Yes, you can easily customize the Jodhpur tour or vacation to suit your needs. Just email us at with the customization needed and your contact details and we'll get back to you with updates.

Choose Our Jodhpur Tour Packages

At Book My Rajasthan Tour we strive to design our Jodhpur tour packages so that the traveler can enjoy an amazing sightseeing experience coupled with a comfortable ride. Bursting with myriad colors along with the traditional blue, the city welcomes every traveler with the unique flavors of its delicious cuisine, which is an essential part of our Jodhpur tour package.

The 'Sun City' as it is affectionately known due to the plentiful sunlight it receives almost every day, you can be a part of your romantic new beginnings with our specially handcrafted and personalized Jodhpur honeymoon package. Our Package empowers you to create the most compelling memories of the blue earth and invites you to enjoy our heritage, travel, explore and celebrate life....Read More

Customize packages for Jodhpur Tour

Jodhpur tour packages are ideal for engaging tourists in the cultural and heritage tour of the Blue City of India. The kings, heritage, and history of the city have such a magnetic appeal that most travelers would love to include it in their Book my Rajasthan travel packages. Experiencing the heritage of Rajasthan, relishing its authentic delicacies, learning about its traditional dress, enjoying folk music along with dance forms, and enjoying various cultural activities are wonderful experiences.

Book your own Jodhpur tour package at Book My Rajasthan Tour Packages to enjoy an experience along with warm memories. We can customize it to your preference and plan a trip to one of the most exhilarating places in Jodhpur. You can also take a look at honeymoon packages if you are planning to plan some of the interesting moments with your partner.

Enjoy festivals to explore the glory of Jodhpur

Fairs and festivals express and strengthen the culture and traditions of a region and its people. The entire state of Rajasthan is steeped in traditions and customs that perfectly reflect the culture and values of its people. The following are the three festivals of Jodhpur which are famous around the world:

Jodhpur Marwar Festival- It is the most popular and most awaited festival in Jodhpur. The Marwar Festival lasts up to two days and takes place in September or October every year. According to the Hindu calendar, it is the month of Ashwin in which it is celebrated and also during the full moon.

Nagaur fair- The Nagaur Fair is held in the city of Nagaur every January or February. With around 70,000 oxen, camels, horses, cows, and goats traded, this fair is the second largest cattle fair in India after Pushkar. Nagaur bulls are famous for their ability to run fast. The animals arrive elaborately decorated along with their owners, who look alluring, sporting impossibly long mustaches and colorful turbans.

Jodhpur International Desert Kite Festival- The Desert Kite Festival is a new addition to the list of festivals in Jodhpur. But it has quickly become one of the most trendy events in Jodhpur. The event is an annual part of the Jodhpur festival calendar and begins on Makar Sankranti. It takes place at the Jodhpur Polo Grounds.

The best places of Jodhpur covered in our Package

Some of the must-see places in these Jodhpur vacation packages are:

Mehrangarh Fort - In the heart of the city, a massive hilltop fortress, the Mehrangarh Fort is indeed one of the largest and most impressive forts in the country. The massive structure is visible from almost every part of the city and has a majestic character that draws everyone's attention.

Umaid Bhawan Palace - Another landmark of the royal government, the Umaid Bhawan Palace is a must-see for those visiting Jodhpur. Its opulent art deco has a wonderful formation that manages to impress even the most discerning art lover.

Jaswant Thada - An architectural landmark, Jaswant Thada is located right next to the Mehrangarh Fort. The site also features beautifully carved pavilions, stunning multi-tiered gardens, and a beautiful lake.

Toorji ka Jhalra - Toorji Ka Jhalra, commonly called the Jodhpur Step Well, is an intricate design of a step well, one of the few remaining structures to represent Jodhpur's traditional water management systems. This architectural marvel was built by Maharaja Abhaya Singh's queen consort, a sign of the region's long-standing tradition of royal women being responsible for overseeing public water works.

Mandore Garden - Mandore Garden is located just 9 kilometers from Jodhpur in Mandore, once the seat of government for the Pratihara dynasty. The garden is part of the more massive Mehrangarh Fort and is also home to the famous Hall of Heroes and the Temple of Three Hundred Million Gods.

Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park - It was built on a large rocky area next to Mehrangarh Fort in 2006. The park, which was created to restore the natural ecology of this abandoned land, is today one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city.

Clock Tower - The Ghanta Ghar in Jodhpur is a magnificent clock tower in the center of the city built by Maharaja Sardar Singh around 200 years ago. Known as Jodhpur Clock Tower, it is a popular landmark that marks the beginning of Old Jodhpur. From the top of the tower, a fantastic panoramic view of the city is available.

How do we help in Planning Jodhpur Package?

The type of tour package you pick and your budget plan will determine how to plan your Jodhpur tour. Then, what kind of traveler you are—a lover of the outdoors, nightlife, adventure, etc. Everyone can find a place to stay and have fun with one of our unique Jodhpur Packages. Each of our packages includes a variety of exotic Jodhpur sites that will make your trip as enjoyable as possible. We design the ideal vacation for you, complete with your choice of sparkling temples, breathtaking scenery, rich heritage, delectable cuisine, city tours, bustling bazaars, and more. With us, you can plan your trip and take advantage of fantastic deals and discounts.

Jodhpur Tour Package Inclusions

  • Every day, breakfast and dinner are served in the hotel restaurant.
  • Daily stay in a five-star hotel in Jodhpur
  • Transportation for travel to the locations listed in the package
  • 24-hour on-call manager support
  • The support of a local guide
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