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Find the best Rajasthan tour packages from Mumbai for an unforgettable journey into India's colorful state. Discover the royal allure of Rajasthan with exclusive tour packages from Mumbai.

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About Rajasthan Tour Packages from Mumbai

Rajasthan Tour Packages From Mumbai: Elevate Your Journey Excitement With Us

Embark on an amazing adventure with our Rajasthan tour packages from Mumbai. Get acquainted with the history of the palaces of Rajasthan. Wander the storied halls of ancient forts, and discover the eternal charm of its vibrant cultures and much more that you can't find in the hustle and bustle of Mumbai and its crowds. Our specially designed itineraries and various packages ensure that you experience every aspect of the rich heritage of this magnificent state. From the bustling markets of Jaipur to the serene lakes of Udaipur as well as the desert of Jaisalmer, let us take you on a journey to the heart of Rajasthan, where every moment is a living picture of history and tradition. Get ready to make lasting memories on this unforgettable expedition. Book your package for Rajasthan. Since the state is well connected with all modes of transport. You can reach the capital Jaipur in less than two hours by flight and 16 hours by train. so what are you looking for? Book your next trip now with Book My Rajasthan Tour.

Book the best Rajasthan packages from Mumbai

See Rajasthan from Mumbai's perspective and experience an adventurous tour in just a few days. Our Rajasthan tour packages from Mumbai are specially designed to meet the preferences and budgets of all types of travellers, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all types of tourists. Find the perfect tour package from all the deals below or contact us to customize the package that best suits your unique travel experience and needs. 

Book Rajasthan Tour Packages from Mumbai

From Mumbai's bustling streets to Rajasthan's regal heritage, our Rajasthan packages from Mumbai promise an unforgettable journey. Experience the rich culture, explore majestic palaces, and historic forts, try tasty cuisines, feel the natural vibes, and savour every moment of this royal expedition. 

Why Choose Rajasthan Tour Packages from Mumbai?

To enhance your knowledge and experience you should travel to Rajasthan by booking Rajasthan tour packages from Mumbai. Rajasthan is a historical state. The best option to visit Rajasthan is to choose the Rajasthan tour package. With our years of experience in the travel industry of Rajasthan, we have developed an experience package, especially for travellers to Mumbai, seamlessly combining culture, history and leisure with experiences from cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur. Is. Is. Ensures an enriching experience. Ajmer, Mount Abu, Kota, and many more. You can plan to come to Kota or any other city from Jaipur, Jodhpur by flight, train or private vehicle. Leave all the hassle of your logistics, food and accommodation to us once you are on the land of Rajasthan, and immerse yourself completely in the iconic attractions, taste the local cuisine, enjoy relaxation therapy and Rajasthan Visit and explore the city without any worries.

Plan and book Rajasthan Tour Packages with Affordability

Explore the enchanting wonders of Rajasthan without breaking the bank – our Rajasthan Tour Packages offer affordability without compromising on the experience. Immerse yourself in the regal charm of this historical land, discovering its vibrant culture, majestic palaces, and colourful traditions. Our thoughtfully curated packages ensure you can plan and book your Rajasthan adventure with ease, providing a budget-friendly option for every traveller. From the bustling markets of Jaipur to the serene lakes of Udaipur, embark on a journey that captivates your senses. Plan your affordable Rajasthan tour today and experience the magic of this captivating destination without financial worries. 

Is it safe to travel from Mumbai to Jaipur for a tourist?

Yes, travelling from Mumbai to Jaipur is completely safe for tourists. The city is known for its warm hospitality and welcoming atmosphere. Also, if you booked your tour packages with us, there is no scope for any problem you can encounter.

What's the best time to visit Jaipur from Mumbai?

You can travel anytime by booking Rajasthan tour packages from Mumbai. But very briefly, during the winter months (October to March) when the weather is pleasant for sightseeing. Spring (February to March) is also favourable. If you are not a native of Rajasthan's hot summer and scorching heat (April to June), do not plan your trip during these months. Also, be cautious during the monsoon season (July to September) due to heavy rainfall.

What is the minimum number of days I should plan for my Rajasthan tour from Mumbai?

It is your decision, we have different packages according to which you can make your planning and booking. Which has a minimum 4-day package.

What services are provided in the Rajasthan tour packages from Mumbai?

Rajasthan tour packages from Mumbai offer a range of services to ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable trip. These services can vary depending on the package, but common inclusions are:

  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Sightseeing
  • Meals
  • Guides
  • Activities
  • Itinerary
  • Support

Each package varies, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

What places should be included in your Rajasthan tour packages from Mumbai?

Well, it completely depends on you and your personal preferences as well as timings (in terms of season as in summer you can’t plan a trip to Jaisalmer indeed Mount Abu is best during that) you have planned to visit Rajasthan. To name a few the most popular recommended destinations for Rajasthan tour packages from Mumbai are; Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Pushkar, Bikaner, Ajmer, Mount Abu, Kota, Ranthambore, Chittorgarh, and Bundi. 

Can I customize a Rajasthan package from Mumbai and how do I book it?

Certainly! You can customize your package by filling out our form or contacting us via email, phone, or WhatsApp. We'll work with you to personalize your itinerary, including transportation, food, and other preferences.

When booking Rajasthan tour packages from Mumbai, you can have the best time of your life and have a tourist experience. Although there are wide itineraries to choose from and delve into the cities which are both modern, culturally rich and historically significant. Here are some must-visit attractions and cities to include in your Rajasthan itinerary:

Jaipur: The Pink City

  • Amber Fort
  • Hawa Mahal (Palace of Winds)
  • City Palace
  • Jantar Mantar (Royal Observatory)
  • Nahargarh Fort
  • Jaipur's bustling markets like Johari Bazaar and Bapu Bazaar

Jodhpur: The Blue City

  • Mehrangarh Fort
  • Jaswant Thada
  • Umaid Bhawan Palace
  • Explore the Blue City's narrow streets

Jaisalmer: The Golden City

  • Jaisalmer Fort
  • Patwon Ki Haveli
  • Camel safari in the Thar Desert
  • Sam Sand Dunes for stunning sunsets

Udaipur: The City of Lakes

  • City Palace
  • Lake Pichola boat ride
  • Jag Mandir and Jag Niwas (Lake Palace)
  • Saheliyon-ki-Bari (Garden of the Maidens)

Ajmer: Pilgrimage and History

  • Ajmer Sharif Dargah
  • Ana Sagar Lake
  • Taragarh Fort

Mount Abu: Hill Station Escape

  • Dilwara Temples
  • Nakki Lake
  • Sunset Point

Kota: Education Hub with History

  • City Palace, Kota
  • Jag Mandir
  • Chambal Gardens

Pushkar: Spiritual Oasis

  • Pushkar Lake
  • Brahma Temple
  • Camel Fair (seasonal)

Bikaner: Desert Beauty

  • Junagarh Fort
  • Lalgarh Palace
  • Karni Mata Temple (Rat Temple)

Ranthambore: Wildlife Adventure

  • Ranthambore National Park (for tiger safaris)

Chittorgarh: Historic Fort

  • Chittorgarh Fort
  • Rana Kumbha Palace

Bundi: Off the Beaten Path

  • Taragarh Fort
  • Bundi Palace
  • Stepwells

These mentioned cities and tourist attractions are just a few of the many you can explore here in Rajasthan. Depending on the duration of your trip and your interests, you have always the freedom to customize your Rajasthan tour package experience. Here you can explore a diverse range of experiences, like paragliding, camel safari, elephant rides, boating, hill climbing, trekking, cycling, wildlife safari, and many more making it a fantastic destination for travellers for Mumbaikars and global backpackers.

Why Book Rajasthan Tour Packages from Mumbai With Us?

Experience the essence of Rajasthan with our tailored packages and friendly support.

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  • Luxury Stays

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